Top 6 Most Useful Tips for Payday Loans You’ll ever get

You don’t want to get a payday loan without first being aware of some helpful tips. There are lots of things to consider that will affect your ability to get a good loan deal. One of the big mistakes people make with these loans is getting them without any prior knowledge.

  1. Get Your Loan Online

While it is still possible for you to find physical payday loan businesses in the UK, going online is a much better way to go. It is far more convenient and makes this process go a lot faster overall. You can find lots of these websites for these lenders by performing a simple Google search.

Online payday loan applications are pretty straightforward and won’t take up a lot of your valuable time. They are also completely secure, so none of your information will be at risk in any way.

Some people are still hesitant to submit their personal details on the internet, but these sites are 100% safe. Just make sure that there is a little lock icon next to the website’s URL at the top of your browser. This indicates that the site is encrypted and therefore secure.

  • Find out about Renewals

When you are looking into some of the different lenders to get a payday loan from, you’ll want to inquire about renewals. There are some lenders that will renew your loan if you are late on your payment. This will save you from having to pay some pretty outrageous penalty fees. Not all lenders do this, so it’s something you will want to specifically ask about. If you are able to get your loan renewed, you won’t have to worry about paying anything extra.

  •  Make sure the Company is Based in the UK

It’s also important for you to find a lending company that is based in the UK. This ensures that the lender must follow all laws related to payday loans. The last thing you want is to borrow from an overseas company, only to experience problems with your loan. You might end up in a very bad situation.

This information should be listed on the company’s website. If you can’t tell from their site, you should contact them to find out. You don’t want to choose any lender in particular before doing this.

  • Read the Loan Agreement

If you get approved for a payday loan, you will get a fairly long and detailed contract in your email inbox. You will be required to give your digital signature before the loan can be officially processed.

Make sure that you read every single word of the contract before you sign it. Keep in mind that digital signatures are still legally binding. Too many people neglect this document, and they do so at their own peril.

The loan agreement is going to give you all relevant information about the loan, such as the amount of time you have to pay it, as well as the interest rate. All other fees should be laid out in this contract as well. If you don’t see something in the document that should be there, do not hesitate to ask the lender about the omission.

  • Get the Right Term

Payday loan terms are traditionally pretty short, around two weeks for most people. If you are borrowing more than £1,000 with this type of loan, you should try to get a bit more time to pay it back. When you get a longer term, you won’t feel so pressured to get the money together. It will give you more time, which is a good thing if you suddenly lose your job or undergo some other financial hardship.

  • Take the Application Seriously

A lot of people just breeze over their payday loan uk application, which opens them up to all sorts of issues. You will instead want to fill out everything in detail with nothing missing. Make sure that everything you put on your application is completely accurate as well. You shouldn’t try to get away with being dishonest about anything, including your income. It will only decrease your chances of getting approved.

It is crucial that you not get so caught up in being approved for a payday loan that you forget to do these things as well. A payday loan can definitely work in your favour, but you have to be careful when approaching this process. Remember to explore the different lenders online so you can pick one that is reliable and solid overall. You’ll also want to anticipate a credit check, as there is no way around it. While these lenders check the credit of applicants, it is still possible to get approved with a score that is very low.

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What Benefits do Guarantor Loans offer?

The tremendous benefits that guarantor loans offer make them an option worth exploring. Before you choose a certain type of loan to get, it is important to understand your choices. Guarantor loans offer a convenient option for many people. It is one of the best ways to get the money you need to get by in financially trying times.

High Borrowing Limit

Guarantor loans allow you to borrow a large amount of money, which can be very helpful when you have a major expense. Maybe the furnace in your home stopped working, or you want to pay off the remainder of your credit card debt. Whatever you need the money for, these loans offer access to large quantities of cash. You could borrow up to several thousand pounds with a single loan.

Get Approved Regardless of Your Credit

Sometimes it can feel like a low credit score is a curse that keeps you from getting the money you need. Guarantor loans are available to people with bad credit, assuming they can find a qualifying person to co-sign their loan. Even those with bankruptcies and other black marks on their credit history can get approved. This is definitely not something that can be said for bank loans.

Approval within 24 Hours

You will find that most lenders that give out guarantor loans can provide you with approval within 24 hours of submitting your application. This means faster access to your funds, as there isn’t any long waiting period. If you were to go through a bank to get your loan, you’d have to wait at least a solid week. Some people who apply for these loans get approved within just a few hours.

It’s All Done Online

Every aspect of getting a guarantor loan can be completed online. The application form will be right on the lender’s website. All you have to do is just fill it out and hit “submit”, which takes about 20 minutes at the most.

If you get approved for a guarantor loan, the lender will notify you by sending an email, text message, or calling your phone. You sometimes have the option of deciding which of these options you prefer. This makes getting one of these loans even more convenient.

They are Less Expensive

When you compare the overall cost of a bank loan to a guarantor loan, you might be surprised at what you see. The rates for guarantor loans are shockingly low for most people. This is because they have the guarantor/co-signer. The lower your interest rate is, the less problematic paying back your loan is going to be.

That being said, you should still make an effort to get the best rate for your loan. This means getting quotes from a number of lenders. While this can take a little bit of time, it is ultimately worth it. The savings you will get from doing this research are potentially immense.

You’ll have a long Term

The term of your loan is important because it can either help you pay back your loan on time or work against you. Guarantor loans typically come with a decently long term, which means that you won’t struggle to get your loan settled by the due date. Most of these lenders are pretty open to negotiation with regards to how long you need. You should see multiple term options on the lender’s website.

Peace of Mind

With a guarantor loan, you can trust that the money you borrow will get paid back one way or another. If you experience sudden financial problems, the guarantor can take over your payments. While you’ll still be in debt to this person, at least you won’t owe the lender. This is something to consider when trying to decide if a guarantor loan is right for you.

Lots of Reputable Lenders

You shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding a reputable lender to get a guarantor loan from. There are lots of established private lending companies that offer this loan option. Some of these lenders will have more to offer you than others though, which is why it’s important to do your research. This will help you avoid a disaster of a situation down the line.

There is no question that guarantor loans help many people across the UK every single day. It is a highly beneficial option when it comes to borrowing money. You will need to make a point of finding a particular lender that is flexible. Most of these lenders are more than willing to work with quailed applicants. This is among the most convenient options for borrowing large amounts. You also won’t have to answer any questions about how you intend to spend the money, which makes getting this type of loan that much easier.

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